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Fidelity Life
Is a Medical Exam Required?
No Medical Exam is required.
No Medical Exam is required.
How long will the application approval process take?
Same day approval process.
Usually, Fidelity Life will provide a decision on your application within 24 hours.
Will my Doctor have to send in a copy of my Medical History records?
No. No medical files or information is required from your Doctor.
No. No medical files or information is required from your Doctor.
Will an agent need to meet with me face-to-face?
No. 100% online process with electronic Signature via Email
No. Convenient internet and telephone contact is all that is involved. There are no high-pressure sales people to meet with.
How much paperwork is required from me in order to apply?
None. All of the information for your application is gathered from you on this website and during a pleasant follow-up phone conversation with a licensed Fidelity Life representative.
Coverage Amounts
$25,000 - $350,000
Up to $300,000

Fidelity Life

Product Features

Features of "Rapid Decision" Term Life

Rapid Decision Term Life Insurance from Fidelity Life provides qualified applicants with coverage, generally within 24 hours; AND with No Medical Exam required.

  • Level death benefit participating term life to age 95 in amounts up to $300,000.
  • Guaranteed level premium periods of 10, 20, and 30 years.
  • After the level premium period, policies renew on a yearly renewable term increasing premium schedule through age 94.
  • Policies may be converted to a permanent plan of insurance designated for conversions any time during the first 10 policy years or prior to age 65, whichever comes first.

Accelerated Death Benefit (Included)

Beginning in policy year 3, the rider provides for an advance payment of up to 50% of the death benefit if the insured is diagnosed by a physician to have a life expectancy of 12 months or less. Death benefits are reduced by the advance plus interest. This benefit is included at no additional cost.

Dependent Child Rider (Optional)

Children of primary insured's ages 19 to 60 who are 15 days to 18 years old are eligible for coverage from $5,000 to $25,000. Coverage ceases when the child reaches age 23 or when the primary insured reaches age 65 or the policy terminates, whichever comes first.

Accidental Death Benefit (Optional)

This rider pays a benefit in the event of accidental death. The rider is available at issue, ages 20 through 60. The benefit amount is equal to the face amount of the policy.

Issue Limits

The following chart outlines the Maximum amounts of coverage at various age brackets.

Your Current Age at Issue Maximum Coverage Amount Available*
16 to 45 $300,000
46 to 55 $200,000
56 to 65 $100,000
66 to 75 $25,000

*After your policy is issued, the coverage amount remains level for the guarantee period selected even as you get older. The chart above pertains only to your age on the date the policy is issued to you.


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